ZED.RUN needs your music

ZED.RUN and Emanate bring a music production from the future

Here’s a shot to become part of history and paint your sound in the online racing game. Win $1000 USD of cash + Emanate Pro-Connect packs up for grabs over 10 tracks!

ZED is a horse racing ecosystem that exists in a parallel universe to ours, well into the future. Huge dystopian cities that carry a resemblance to our time and cultures have been re-built with the latest technological advances.

Digital horse racing reigns supreme and gives everyone hope. The power of ZED is that anyone can own a horse, giving anyone from anywhere a chance at changing their lives.

ZED.RUN needs your music, Here’s the brief:

It’s the year 2060, you are in a VR gaming centre in the underground of Tokyo City. You don’t know how you go there and don’t remember where you were before you arrived. Looking around in the virtual world you see cyborgs, robot security guards and hundreds of digital avatars. You enter the Zed.run virtual horse racing arena… what music do you hear?

For inspiration, think Bladerunner, robocop, daftpunk, synthwave. The BPM is up to you, the vocals can be in any language.

Full Details https://zed.emanate.live/

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