My Favourite Tape Machine (plugin)

There are lot’s of quality virtualisation of Tape Machine, but no all sounds the same and no all of them have the character I’m looking for.

Tape Machines can be used for recording, mixing and mastering. The aim is to add the warmth signature of analogue sound to the digitally recorded and mixed sound.

What tape machine does to the sound is really complex, but can be mainly seen as saturation, compression and harmonics enhancer.

In my mix and mastering, I use two tape machines. For minimum colourisation, I use Tape from Softube. This plugin often goes on every channel or at least on every bus channel. I used it as everything is recorded on tape. This plugin is … Read the rest

Mastering Audio for Streaming

Mastering is the process used to fix/improve the final mixed music. Usually is done by adding the right amount of EQing, compression and a Limiter. Mastering is also the process where we get sure that your music sounds at the right level on the different media, radios and streaming platforms.

Now that most of the people listen to music via streaming platforms, (Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube and iTunes) as mastering engineer, we need to consider and follow those Broadcast Standards.

For streaming, there are different guidelines for music, movie, podcast, and if the podcast is in mono or stereo. 

The standard Spotify uses for mastering and loudness is called ITU1770, the file format they prefer is FLAC, but

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