Music Theory Lessons

It’s really important for musicians, singers and also music producers to be able to communicate and talk about music at a deeper level. Know what is a scale, a chord and what are intervals allow a more effective communication that means achieving high results in studio.

Online there are 100s of tools that can help us learning or even just refreshing some basic knowledge in music theory.
One that I feel like suggesting to use is MUSICTHEORY.NET a well put together website with a series of basic lessons that really help you learn.

Watch this video to learn the basic of music theory in half an hour.

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Take the time to improve your music production skills and knowledge while in quarantine

For the safety of others and for the respect of who is helping those in need we are asked to stay at home. We as creative people we should take this as an opportunity to increase our production, to experiment with things we didn’t have time to do before and of course to improve our skill and knowledge.

We can take advantage of online courses that some are free for a period of time. For example, check this list of courses on music production on Udemy (30 days money-back guarantee) or get one month for free on Lynda. YouTube is full of tutorials.

Probably the best mixing course online is the one provided by Michael White

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