Porcelain Raft New Single is out. Mixed and Mastered by Manolo Remiddi

Porcelain Raft to Release New Album Next Month (May 15 2020).
Today his new single “Come Rain” is out and with an out of space video created by Rä Di Martino.

“The world stopped. I managed to come back to Italy the day before the airports were on lockdown. As I stepped in Rome I felt frightened, it’s surreal to see Rome silent. You can feel how tense people are. On the other side, you can tell there’s a lot of solidarity. Helping the neighbour with little things for instance. We have been confined in our houses and exposed to big numbers and huge-scale operations. This is why I decided to share these songs now. What a better time to hear our inner voice. This album is my rain chant in the time of drought, Come Rain is an invitation to look inward, into our micro-cosmos, whatever we may find. To look for that place within us that is everything but hell, so we can give it space and let it dance.” – Porcelain Raft

Musicians playing on this album are
Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate) on Bass,
Gaspar Claus (Jim O’Rourke, Sufjan Stevens, Rone) on Cello
and long time collaborator Matt Olsson on drums

Music and Lyrics by Mauro Remiddi
Produced by Mauro Remiddi
Mixed and Mastered at CNXL STUDIO by Manolo Remiddi
Art cover by Ra Di Martino

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