My Favourite Plugins Virtual Amps and Instruments (Part 5 of 5)

Virtual Amps

I tried most of those amp simulators, and it’s mainly about how you like the amp to respond and the kind of sound you want. There are lots of quality emulations, but the ones that I like the most are the plugins from Softube.  

For electric bass, I love the sound of the Eden WT-800 Bass Amp, a versatile amp. Suitable for every genre of music. It works all the time. 

Reamping guitars are much harder than electric bass. I own and use the Waves GTR amp and the one from Positive Grid but lately, I’ve been using the new AmpRoom plugin from Softube. 

I think soon I’ll get their Marshall Plexi Lead 1959 emulation for AmpRoom. 

By the way, you can try before buying all those amps from both Softubes and Waves for 15 days.

Virtual Instruments

I own Reason 11 Suite; this is just a genius software that has a formidable collection of virtual instruments, samplers, drum machines, effects and other music-making tools, more than 70 devices that opens into a virtual rack system. Works on any DAW as a plugin or can run as a stand-alone app.

Modular (Softube) created in close collaboration with Doepfer, the creators and original stewards of the Eurorack modular synth standard, Softube Modular gives the sound, the freedom, and the expandability of a hardware modular synthesizer, without the constraints.

Heartbeat (Softube) is a classic drum synthesis, flexible and tweakable. Heartbeat is a source for familiar, yet unique, drum machine sounds.

For strings, I love the samples from Spitfire Audio. Their strings sound amazing. 

To conclude, I want to explain why I don’t use plugins that come with the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation, aka music sequencer). The reason isn’t that those plugins lack in quality or can’t produce the sound I like. It’s because I’m not particularly eager to get stuck with a particular DAW and Operation system. For example, Logic Pro is a really quality DAW but runs only on MAC OS, Pro Tools and Cubase Pro run on PC and MAC and are both fantastic and packed with great plugins, but I still prefer to use third-party plugins and be free to move on any DAW at any time in any studio and knowing I can always bring my sound with me. 

For example, I’ve recently moved to Reaper, the all process was smooth. All the tools I use can run on Reaper without any problem and pretty efficiently. Reaper sounds as good as Pro Tools, works on MacOS, Windows and Linux, it’s highly customizable and only costs $60. Try it for free

I think an excellent combo for producers and musicians could be Reaper + Reason 11, now that Reason 11 can work as a plugin inside any DAW, you can have a great rack of virtual instruments, samples, fx and midi players always with you.

1) Channel Strip and EQ
2) Compressors and Limiters
3) FX including Reverbs, Delay and Saturators
4) Space Enhancers Chorus / Flanger, Utility and others.
5) Virtual Amps and Virtual Instruments

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