Manolo Remiddi Discography


Peter GabrielMixing and MasteringSingle / Remix
The NoisettesRecording, mixing and mastering, ProductionEP / Single
Porcelain RaftMixing and MasteringEp/Single/Album
Mark KingMixing and MasteringSingle
Barbara TuckerRecording, mixing and masteringSingle
Jocelyn BrownRecording, mixing and masteringSingle
Taka BoomRecording, mixing and masteringSingle
Jill ScottMixing and MasteringSingle
Maxi PriestMixingSingle
Robbie CraigRecording, mixing / Co-ProductionSingles/ Album
Romina JohnsonRecording, mixing and masteringSingles/ Album
Sunny Day Sets FireRecording, mixing and mastering / Co-ProductionSingles/ Album
HardageRecording, mixing and masteringSingles/ Album
Z-StarRecording, mixing and masteringSingles/ Album
Gary GoRecording, mixing and mastering / Co-ProductionEP / Single
Michael FrantiRecording, mixing and masteringSingle
Camera SonoraRecording, mixing and masteringEP
GaudiRecording, mixing and masteringSingle / Sound track
Kym MazelleRecordingSingle
Delta GoodremMixing and MasteringRemix
Brian AllenMixing and MasteringRemix
Bacci Bros ProductionRecording, mixing and mastering / Co-ProductionSingle / Remix
Showroom DummiesRecording, mixing and mastering / Co-ProductionEP / Single
The Prairie CartelMixing and MasteringSingles
Pull Tiger TailMixing and MasteringEP/Single
Dead DiscoRecording, mixing and mastering / Co-ProductionSingle / Remix
Shit DiscoMixingSingles
Mark MondesirRecordingSessions for Album
Linley MartheRecordingSessions for Album
Dino LanniMixing and MasteringSingles

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