1- Go to CNXL Shop and purchase the service you need (Mixing or Mastering).
2- After the purchase, prepare your music for online mixing and mastering. Follow the steps written below here on the FAQ page.
3- Once your music is ready to be sent, use the free service WeTransfer.com to deliver your music to us. Upload the files or folder and email to manolo@cnxl.studio.
4- I will send you the mix/master once is ready. (48h priority or 5 to 10 days standard service)
5- You can revision my work and tell me how to improve the mix/master if needed.

I (Manolo Remiddi) have over 20 years of experience and I’ve mixed more than 1000s tracks. I’ve worked for many independent and major record labels. With this experience, I can guarantee that your music will sound as good as it can possibly be.

Plus with the use of the latest technology, the reSampling and reAmping technique I can deliver the highest standard you can get no matter how you recorded your music.

The sound of CNXL STUDIO will be on your music!

48h with priority or 5 to 10 days with the standard service.

Send us your music without any compressors, eq or limiter on the master channel. Don’t do a pre-mastering. I will apply my own effects.

For Mastering with Stems:
You can send your individual tracks or groups exports of your music, each tracks with the effects on and the level on, so I can reopen your exact mix on my DAW. I can then master it and fix any particular problem I can encounter.
Export all tracks from bar 1 to allow easy sync. Keep all the effects ON, including EQ, compressors, reverbs, delays etc.

DON’T PREMASTER IT! Remove EQ, Compressors and Limiter from the main out.

Export all your individual tracks from bar 1 of your session, so I can open them in sync on my DAW.
Be sure that none of the tracks is clipping. If tracks are clipping turn down the level until they are no longer clipping.
Remove any EQ, compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays and any other effects that are not making the fundamental part of the sound.
Keep your distortions on your guitars because those are part of your sound.

If you are unsure, send us a separate folder with the processed sounds.

Include your rough mix. I will use your rough mix to understand the song and follow the basic intention. 

You can use the free service WeTransfer.com

Send your audio file to my email manolo@cnxl.studio

Yes, the mastered music file (16bit 44.1KHz .wav) is compatible with iTunes, Spotify and ready for CD printing.
When mastering I follow the LUFS specifics for streaming to set the perceived loudness level.

Of course, you can, I’m proud of every mix and master I produce. 

Credit Examples:
“Mixed and Mastered at CNXL STUDIO, engineered by Manolo Remiddi”
“Mixed and Mastered at CNXL STUDIO”
“Mixed and Mastered by Manolo Remiddi”

Sure you can tell me if you need tuning on your vocals and I will use advanced and transparent tuning tools to fix it.

By email manolo@cnxl.studio
Or via Telegram https://t.me/cnxlstudio