Built on the EOS Blockchain, Emanate is an application protocol for the future of music distribution and monetisation. 

Radically more than just an audio streaming platform, the Emanate Audio Exchange Protocol is a decentralised technology network designed to facilitate instant value exchange and agreements between musicians, listeners and other actors in the music industry in ways never before possible. 


• Artist explainer: 

• Technical features:

Emanate focuses on three key things:

A) Getting paid as audio is consumed

Most audio consumption in the world today triggers a payment event that takes months or years to get to the artist. Broadcast in a cafe or radio play needs to be collected by a 3rd party agency who are slow, inaccurate and inefficient. These royalties usually take over 6 months to get to the owners. Even playback via a streaming service like Spotify or Apple music is paid quarterly.

The EMANATE shows how artists can get paid as quick as 6 seconds, but playback does not have to be limited to the Emanate User Experience — this could be consumed into any digital media channel.

B) Collaborate with anyone

Artists are used to holding their work close to their chests, and most musicians have a rip-off story or two from when they learned the hard way about the dark side of the industry.

Emanate allows artists to collaborate over ‘smart-collaborations’ a framework where the consenting parties agree to the terms of the collaboration before it is ‘published’ and the payment splits are executed in code. If the music is published on Emanate, the payments automatically go to the right people. If it is taken off Emanate and exploited in other ways… the originator has hard, publicly available evidence of the original agreement within the smart collaboration, sealed on the blockchain.

On top of the protection this offers, Emanate should quickly become a hotbed of creative exploration with world’s best selection of community-sourced sounds, samples, loops, lyrics, acapellas, drums, remix packs, sound effects and synths. And of course, everyone gets paid. This also does not exist in any other platform.

C) Decentralised governance

Artists on Emanate must hold EMT in the long term to publish work and get paid. This requirement means each participant in the community has ‘skin in the game’ which will help prevent foul play.

Emanate community members who don’t make music will also play an active role in moderation, playlisting and helping to promote the healthy use of Emanate.

On top of the functional benefits, active EMT holders will be paid rewards for their efforts. 

Clearly Emanate is a lot more than a crypto spotify or soundcloud. Emanate User Interface on the Alpha platform looks a bit like that, but behind the scenes and on the roadmap is so much more.

Any one of these things would make a massive impact on improving the efficiency of the industry. But the combination of all three in a single technology platform is so powerful it has the potential to drive an evolutionary leap.

With this in mind, Emanate is offering creators one place from which to share their audio, collaborate with others and get paid. This is nothing like what incumbent services offers and is not like anything currently available anywhere else in the world.

Token Economy

Token economics (tokenomics) is probably the most important component of a blockchain project. Tokenomics is not the number of tokens minted and % held by the team etc. Tokenomics is about the token model itself. Token models are like business models. To learn more about the token model read this article “The next frontier of token models“.

Here are the key points:

  • Emanate runs on a dual-token system, where users stake the EMT token for network access and governance, but an internal stable token circulated for plays and rewards (we call it MNX). 
  • Maximum supply for EMT is 208,000,000 (59 million currently in circulation) The MNX supply will be dynamically managed according to how many EMT are available to be claimed as rewards and how many dollars are held in the pool from subscription fees
  • A user’s EMT holdings determine the amount of rewards collected from the network. Over time, EMT will also give weight to user votes in the decentralised community
  • EMT holdings will also reduce subscription fees, as low as zero in some cases.
  • When a user pays a subscription fee, MNX is minted, when a user cashes out, MNX is burned.
  • MNX represents the total value of the unclaimed revenue and rewards available at any one time
  • The threshold amount of EMT to hold to earn revenue as an Artist in 2020 is 1000 EMT
  • For every $1 passing through the network, 85% goes out to rights holders through smart-collaborations based on seconds-played, and 15% goes to EMT holders
  • Only active EMT holders get the rewards, as it is a payment for services to the network, not a passive dividend


Emanate Alpha is here, register now https://emanate.live/auth/signup 


Post-alpha, Emanate will deploy several updates. 

What might Beta look like?

  • Monetised playlists
  • Community incentives (rewards for non-artists)
  • Test run of DAW integration
  • Embeddable players
  • Native smart-phone apps
  • Open smart collaborations framework
  • IPFS trial and possible rollout for storage

This list will probably change, as the technical environment changes and as feedback from artists and the community are given.

EMT Tokens are required to STAKE for access to the Emanate network, giving listeners free music and allowing artists to earn revenue.

Register as an Artist/Record Label x

To register as an artist/record label and be able to get paid there are two options. The easiest one is by using Pro-Connect:

Be amongst the first to go Pro on Emanate and we will take direct feedback from you as an artist. Connect with us and other professionals in private chat, meet your own designated Emanate Rep and get early access to collaborations.

1. First Register https://emanate.live/auth/signup 

While Emanate is in Alpha stage, subscriptions are 25% discounted. 
2. Select monthly or annually payment

Monthly for $12.50 https://emanateofficial.typeform.com/to/V2pINH

Annually for $99 https://emanateofficial.typeform.com/to/wDgbrt

The DIY option. 
With this method, you need to understand how the blockchain works and how to manage your token. With this method, you need to purchase the EMT token (Emanate Token) yourself. 

How to get the EMT Tokens

First, you need a digital wallet and an EOS account on where you can hold your EMT Token. You can get both for free on Wombat. 

To purchase ETM token, you need to get EOS token. EOS is a public blockchain on where EMANATE runs. 

Then you need to register to Coinbase. 

Coinbase is a global digital asset exchange company (GDAX), providing a venue to buy and sell digital currencies.

  1. Use this link and get $10 (equivalent) for free https://www.coinbase.com/join/remidd_q Do this step ASAP as it requires time for them to activate your account.
  2. After you have done all the steps to register, you need to do a bank transfer to your Coinbase account. The amount, unfortunately, isn’t set as you need to purchase a cryptocurrency that price isn’t stable. At Today price you should be fine by transferring an equivalent of $60/70
  3. Once you have money on your Coinbase account, go and buy some EOS.
  4. Transfer your EOS tokens to your EOS account on Woombat
  5. Now you need to purchase 5000 EMT from a decentralised exchange
  • Go to https://newdex.io/ 
  • Log in with your EOS account by using Wombat (web extension). 
  • On the top menu select Exchange
  • Next to the chart on the right side search for EMT (EMT/EOS)
  • Now that you are on the EMT/EOS page, under the chart you can see BUY EMT. There in the Amount space write 5050 (EMT) and select BUY.
  • The buy order doesn’t execute instantly, as it needs to be matched to someone selling their token. 
  • Once the order has been processed, then you can go back to emanate and stake your token https://dashboard.emanate.live/

CNXL STUDIO Engineer, Manolo Remiddi is the Emanate representative for the UK. Get in touch if you need any help. manolo@cnxl.studio
Join the Emanate community on DISCORD https://discord.gg/fyNXR7

CNXL STUDIO offers 30% discount to every Emanate Members.
Payments in EMT token are accepted.

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