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Interesting Cool Plugin!

Plugindoctor a really interesting plugin that helps you analyse what is happening to the sound when you process it with a selected plugin.

Whether you are a plugin developer yourself who wants to thoroughly test the audio quality of your latest and greatest product or a power user who wants to understand in more detail what exactly a specific plugin is doing to your precious audio material, Plugindoctor will help you find out!

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Music Theory Lessons

It’s really important for musicians, singers and also music producers to be able to communicate and talk about music at a deeper level. Know what is a scale, a chord and what are intervals allow a more effective communication that means achieving high results in studio.

Online there are 100s of tools that can help us learning or even just refreshing some basic knowledge in music theory.
One that I feel like suggesting to use is MUSICTHEORY.NET a well put together website with a series of basic lessons that really help you learn.

Watch this video to learn the basic of music theory in half an hour.

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My Favourite Tape Machine (plugin)

There are lot’s of quality virtualisation of Tape Machine, but no all sounds the same and no all of them have the character I’m looking for.

Tape Machines can be used for recording, mixing and mastering. The aim is to add the warmth signature of analogue sound to the digitally recorded and mixed sound.

What tape machine does to the sound is really complex, but can be mainly seen as saturation, compression and harmonics enhancer.

In my mix and mastering, I use two tape machines. For minimum colourisation, I use Tape from Softube. This plugin often goes on every channel or at least on every bus channel. I used it as everything is recorded on tape. This plugin is … Read the rest

Free Oscilloscope (VST) for Mac and Windows

Sometimes is also good to see the audio signal and the best tools for this job are the Oscilloscopes and the Spectrum Analyser. I ofter use this in conjunction with my modular synth. This helps me understand what is happening to the sound while processing the sound.

The most important tool is the Oscilloscope. I use the plugin produced by Socalabs. it’s free for both Mac and Windows computers and works perfectly. Download it for free here. Socalabs has also a free Spectrum analyser. If your DAW doesn’t have one get this one too.

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Choosing a Channel Strip

Channel strips are the most efficient tools in the mixing world, providing all your basic processing, EQ, compression, gating, and often saturation control, in one easy-to-manage unit. This is one of the big advantages of using channel strip compared with having five plug-in windows open simultaneously to manage and make adjustments on all these separate plug-ins per each track.

Choosing the right channel strip for a mix can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, with so many quality and interesting sounds easily available in the analogue emulated world.

I personally take the approach we use to have when we only had the analogue ones, which is pick the one you like the most and stick with it. When you … Read the rest

How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins

When you listen to music, more areas of your brain become engaged and active. But when you actually play an instrument, that activity becomes more like full brain training. What is going on? Anita Collins explains the fireworks that go off in the brains of musicians when they play and examines some of the positive long-term effects of this mental training.

Lecture by Anita Collins, animation by Sharon Colman Graham.

This sounds really interesting but we that play all know that playing makes us special 😀 watch more ted videos here.

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